IBM Digital Analytics reports for WebSphere Commerce

IBM Digital Analytics, formerly known as Coremetrics Analytics offers a set of five analytics reports designed specifically for WebSphere Commerce. The reports display marketing metrics that are gathered from your site by the WebSphere Commerce analytics tags. These reports are available to WebSphere Commerce sites that are integrated with IBM Digital Analytics. You can view the reports in the IBM Digital Analytics application in an intuitive, visual format, along with other IBM Digital Analytics reports.

The WebSphere Commerce reports are:

Campaigns report
Track and monitor the success of WebSphere Commerce campaigns, web activities, email activities, and e-Marketing Spots in a single report.
e-Marketing Spot report
Understand which e-Marketing Spots are generating the most value, and evaluate the specific web activities that are generating the best returns for any e-Marketing Spot.
Marketing Experiments report
See the results of A/B tests run using web activity experiments.
Promotions report
Evaluate the effectiveness of WebSphere Commerce promotions.
B2B Contracts report
Track and monitor sales for each business account at the account and contract level.

For more information about the full set of IBM Digital Analytics reports, see the documentation and online Help that is provided in the IBM Digital Analytics application.