Publishing component store archives

In order to publish any component store archives other than an organization structure store archive, you must first publish either a composite store archive, or an organization structure, as all component store archives must belong to an organization structure.


  1. Ensure that you have previously published an organization structure in the instance, or created an organization using the Organization Administration Console. Note that composite store archives also include organization structures.
  2. Determine the name of the organization to which you will publish the component.
  3. Follow the steps in Publishing a store archive using the Publish wizard . Component store archives are available from the business model views. Enter the name of the organization to which the component will be published in the Parameters page of the Publish wizard. For more information about the parameters, see Publish wizard parameters by store archive.
  4. Update the memberregistrationattributes.xml file with the new organization structure.
  5. In a clustered environment, you must synchronize all cluster members after publishing any store archive.