Publish wizard publish parameters

The publish parameters used by the Publish wizard are defined by the store-refs.xml file in each store archive. Publishing parameters are only available through the Publish wizard. If you publish a store archive through the command line, you cannot specify parameter values. The default values contained in the store archive file are used.

Look at the following example of a store-refs.xml file from the Aurora.sar file.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE store-refs SYSTEM "store-refs.dtd">
	   <ref id="storeType" entity="STORE_TYPE">
		 <input type="list">
			<option display-key="MPS" value="MPS"/>
			<option display-key="BMP" value="BMP"/>
		<ref id="storeDir" entity="STORE_DIR" >
				<input type="text"/>
		<ref id="storeIdent" entity="STORE_IDENTIFIER" >
				<input type="text"/>
		<ref id = "parentOrg" entity="ORGANIZATION_DN">
			<input type="member" />
		<ref id="targetStore" entity="STORE_ID_CPS">
			<input type="store">
				<option display-key="identifier" value="STORE_IDENTIFIER_CPS"/>        
				<option display-key="memberDN"   value="ORGANIZATION_DN_PROFILE"/>
				<option display-key="directory"  value="STORE_DIR_CPS"/>        
		<ref id="invList" entity="INV_CHOICE">
		  <input type="list">
				<option display-key="Non-ATP" value="Non-ATP/"/>
				<option display-key="ATP" value="ATP/"/>   
				<option display-key="NoInv" value="NoInv/"/>
				<option display-key="ExtInv" value="ExtInv/"/>
				<option display-key="DOMInv" value="DOMInv/"/>

In the XML example:

ref id
used as the key in the properties file specified by the store-refs resource-bundle attribute. It is used to obtain the translatable parameter name and the description that displays in the publish parameters page.
the name of the ENTITY in the target DTD that is edited by this parameter.
input type
controls how the parameter is displayed on screen. If the input type is text, the parameter is displayed in an editable field. If the input type is member, all of the existing organizations display in a drop-down list. Read-only parameters cannot be edited.
<ref id="storeDir" entity="STORE_DIR" > <input type="text"/>
This entity creates the publish parameter store directory.
<ref id="storeIdent" entity="STORE_IDENTIFIER" > < input type="text"/>
This entity creates the publish parameter store identifier.
<ref id = "parentOrg" entity="ORGANIZATION_DN"> <input type="member" />
This entity creates the publish parameter organization
Defines the target-dtd file. The values that a user enters for these parameters are stored in the file identified in the target dtd file.

This file is also part of the store archive and is unpacked with the store data assets. The entity value corresponding to each parameter is updated in the unpacked file. The DTD inside the store archive is not updated. The values for the parameters are stored in this file (in this case ForeignKeys.dtd) until publish is instantiated.

Finally, if a store may be published in several languages, as the starter stores are, the publish parameters and their accompanying descriptions are found in locale specific files. The field label and description for each publish parameter are located in the properties file defined in the resource-bundle attribute of the store-refs.xml. During publish, publish looks for the specific locale for the language used in the Publish wizard. The stores-ref.xml file also defines these files.
The deploy descriptor specifies the location of the file ( ibm-wc-load.xml) that controls the publish data portion of the publishing process.