Displaying additional stores in the Publish wizard

Certain store archive (SAR) files are not displayed in the Publish wizard in the Administration Console. For example, store archives for deprecated stores are not displayed. If you want to publish these stores using the Publish wizard, you can move them to a location that makes them available for selection in the Publish wizard.

About this task

You can publish SAR files that are not available to the Publish wizard or publishstore utility by default.


  1. Create the following directory structure:
    • WC_installdir/instances/instance_name/sar
    • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperWCDE_installdir/conf/sar
      Note: The conf directory does not exist by default. You must create this directory in the installation directory for the WebSphere Commerce development environment before you create the sar directory.
  2. Copy the SAR file that you want into the directory you created in step 1.
    For example, if you want publish a supply chain business model, then you can copy the WCDE_installdir/samples/stores/SupplyChain/SupplyChain.sar.
  3. In the Administration Console, publish the store archive:
    1. Open the Administration Console.
    2. From the Store Archives menu, select Publish. The Store Archives page displays listing the store archives available for publish. By default, the page displaying composite store archives displays.
    3. From the View list, select the type of composite store archive you want to publish:
    4. Click Next. The Parameters page displays. Depending on the store archive you selected, different parameters display.
    5. Click Next. The Summary page displays, listing the store archive and parameters selected, and the location to which the store archive is published.
    6. After reviewing the summary information, click Finish. A confirmation dialog displays with the number of the publishing job. Note the job number for future reference.
    7. Optional: When you have finished viewing the store, bookmark the site, and close the browser.