Scheduling the CleanECEvent job

The CleanECEvent job deletes up to the specified maximum number of business events from the BUSEVENT database table that are in purge state and older than the specified expiration time (by default, 30 minutes). Database records for the business events are deleted and committed in batches of 5000. The default maximum number of business events is 500, 000. By default, this scheduled job runs every 30 minutes.

About this task

If the Analytics Event Configuration component is enabled, business events older than the value set for the maxProcessTime parameter (by default, set to one day) that are stuck in the -15 state are reactivated by changing their state to -10 so that they can be processed by the EventProcessor job.


  1. Open the Administration Console and select Site on the Administration Console Site/Store Selection page.
  2. From the Configuration menu, click Scheduler. A list of jobs that are scheduled to run on your store is displayed.
  3. From the list of jobs, select CleanECEvent.
  4. Update the Schedule interval field to reflect your preferred interval.
    By default, the value is set to 1800 seconds so that the job runs every 30 minutes.
  5. Click OK.


Your job is listed on the Scheduler Status Display page and runs at the specified start time.