WebSphere Commerce staging-enabled tables

WebSphere Commerce staging-enabled tables are grouped according to whether they contain site-related data, merchant-related data, or both site and merchant-related data. Staging-enabled tables are also called staged tables.

To determine which tables are staging-enabled, see Listing staging or authoring server-managed tables.

Tables that contain encrypted data are not staged, and any tables that are directly related to these tables are not staged. For example, the following merchant tables are not staged: MERCHANT, MERCHCONF, MERCHCONFINFO, and STOREMERCH.

Language-related tables (LANGUAGE, LANGUAGEDS), currency-related tables, payment rules-related tables, and tables that are reserved for IBM internal use are not staged. These tables are updated occasionally or not at all. For example, the LANGUAGE and LANGUAGEDS tables require staging only when a new language is added to the table.

Access control policy-related tables, which are considered to be maintained by IT staff, not business users, are not staged by default. However, during store publish on the staging server, the staging of these tables is temporarily enabled so that the store publish access control policies can be propagated to production.