Changing store flows

You can configure a store to support certain features.


  1. Optional: Create copies of the JSP files of the store that you are about to configure. The JSP files are located in the following directory:
    • SolarisLinuxWindowsAIXWAS_profiledir/installedApps/cell_name/WCServer_enterprise_archive/Stores.war/storedir
    • WebSphere Commerce Developer workspace_dir\Stores\Web Content\storedir
    Creating copies of your JSP files will allow you to undo any changes that you apply.
  2. Open the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.
  3. Click Store > Change Flow.
  4. From the left navigation frame, select the feature you want to configure.
  5. If you want to enable the feature in the store, select the appropriate field (for example, a check box or radio button). If you want to disable the feature, clear the appropriate field.
  6. Repeat for each remaining feature that you want to configure.
  7. Apply your changes.
    • Apply view the changes in the current store, but your choices can be reversed later.
    • Apply Permanently you cannot reverse your choices.
  8. If you opened the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator from the Management Center:
    1. Log out of the Management Center.
    2. Close the browser.
    3. Open a browser and log on to the Management Center.
    The changes you made are visible in the Management Center.