WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Buyer authority to shop under multiple accounts

In the advanced B2B direct extended site, and demand chain starter stores, a buyer can shop under multiple accounts. The buyer might be entitled to the contracts of different accounts. This situation is possible if the buyer is given the "Organization Participant" role for the different buyer organizations in which they have associations. This feature can be enabled or disabled using the Change Flow option from the Store menu in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.

While shopping, the buyer can select an organization from a list, as well as the contracts available to that organization, before placing the order. The following organizations are listed:

  • The parent organization of the buyer
  • Any organization in which the buyer plays the Organization Participant role and that has a business account with the store. To create an account, see Creating a business account.

When the buyer changes the organization during the shopping flow, the OrganizationSetInSession URL is called to set the new active organization in command context. The storefront changes to the context of the new organization's account and the buyer is shopping under the selected account. The buyer sees catalog, prices, orders, requisition lists, and RFQs for the selected account.

In addition, the Customer Service Representative can select and change the customer's organization before placing an order for the customer using WebSphere Commerce Accelerator. Once items are added to the order, however, the CSR can no longer change the organization of the order.