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Installing Sales Center maintenance using Lotus Expeditor Client Management

If you already have the Lotus Expeditor client installed on the machines where you want to install the Sales Center client, you can use Lotus Expeditor Client Management to push the Sales Center maintenance package out to your client machines.

Before you begin

  • A Lotus Expeditor Client Management server is installed. See your Lotus Expeditor documentation for additional details.
  • A Lotus Expeditor Client is installed on the client and is successfully connecting with the Lotus Expeditor Client Management server.
  • Upload the Sales Center maintenance package to a Web server that is accessible to both your Lotus Expeditor Client Management server, and your Lotus Expeditor Client.


  1. Choose and obtain the maintenance update that you want to apply.
    The process and steps to install interim fixes and fix packs are the same. If you are installing an interim fix, you likely have obtained the fix from IBM Support. Available fix packs for WebSphere Commerce V7 Sales Center are listed on the swg27007361.
  2. The Lotus Expeditor client is restarted.
  3. Distribute the Sales Center Fix pack with Lotus Expeditor Client Management, following your Lotus Expeditor documentation.