Feature Pack 7


This class provides RESTful services to get a shopper's wish list details. It performs the service by delegating to the GiftList BOD service. Note: You must enable the multiple wish lists feature in the Management Center Store Management tool.

Method Name HTTP Method URL Query Parameters Description Authentication Example
findWishlist GET store/{storeId}/wishlist/@self responseFormat={responseFormat} Gets all of the shopper's wish lists. Yes,HTTPS Sample
findWishlistByUserId_default GET store/{storeId}/wishlist/@default responseFormat={responseFormat} Gets the shopper's default wish list. Yes,HTTPS Sample
findWishlistByExternalId GET store/{storeId}/wishlist/{externalId} guestAccessKey={guestAccessKey}&responseFormat={responseFormat} Gets wish lists by ExternalId (Yes,HTTPS) or by ExternalId and GuestAccesskey(No,HTTPS). Yes,HTTPS or No,HTTPS Sample
createWishlist POST store/{storeId}/wishlist/ responseFormat={responseFormat} Creates a wish list, either empty or with items. Yes,HTTPS Sample
updateWishlist PUT store/{storeId}/wishlist/{externalId} responseFormat={responseFormat}&addItem={addItem} Updates the wish list to change the description or to add or update items. Yes,HTTPS Sample
deleteWishlist DELETE store/{storeId}/wishlist/{externalId} responseFormat={responseFormat}&itemId={itemId} Deletes a wish list or deletes an item from a wish list. Yes,HTTPS Sample