Feature Pack 7


This class provides RESTful services to retrieve spot details.

Method Name HTTP Method URL Query Parameters Description Authentication Example
findSpotsByQuery GET store/{storeId}/spot/ q={q}&responseFormat={responseFormat} Find spots in a store. The 'q' parameter can be either 'byType' or 'byTypeAndName'. In both cases, the 'qType' parameter must be given, which is also referred to as the usage for the spot. For a 'byTypeAndName' query, the 'qName' parameter must also be given, which will be used to find all spots with at least a partial match in the name or description. Yes,HTTPS Sample
findSpotByID GET store/{storeId}/spot/{spotId} responseFormat={responseFormat}&pageNumber={pageNumber}&pageSize={pageSize} Find a spot in a store using its unique identifier. Yes,HTTPS Sample