Feature Pack 8

WebSphere Commerce REST API

WebSphere Commerce REST API documentation contains a list of resources that are provided by the WebSphere Commerce REST API. Each REST resource contains information such as URLs, descriptions, and sample input and output data.

The WebSphere Commerce REST API is expanded in Feature Pack 8 to include support for additional B2C functionality in the Aurora starter store, and introduce B2B-specific functionality. In addition, the REST framework is updated to simplify the creation and consumption of REST APIs. For example, best practices when working with REST services, and configuration-based command and data bean mapping.

A live version of the WebSphere Commerce REST API is available in a web browser on your WebSphere Commerce test server using the Swagger UI. It is composed of a set of static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that dynamically documents the available REST API on the WebSphere Commerce test server.

For more information, see Swagger UI.

The following resources are available by default in the WebSphere Commerce REST API for Feature Pack 8:

Site Flow Resource Used in B2C store Used in B2B store New or updated in Feature Pack 8
Site navigation and search category Yes Yes
search_category Yes Yes
product Yes Yes
search_product Yes Yes
search_term_association Yes Yes Yes
search_site_content Yes Yes Yes
Marketing and promotions assigned_coupon Yes Yes
assigned_promotion_code Yes Yes Yes
associated_promotion Yes Yes Yes
coupon Yes Yes
espot Yes Yes Yes
event Yes Yes
promotion Yes Yes
segment Yes Yes
spot Yes Yes
Price currency_format Yes Yes Yes
display_price Yes Yes
price Yes Yes Yes
Inventory inventoryavailability Yes Yes Yes
Order capture cart Yes Yes Yes
file_upload_job Yes Yes Yes
order Yes Yes Yes
payment_instruction Yes Yes
requisition_list Yes Yes
shipping_info Yes Yes
subscription Yes Yes Yes
wishlist Yes Yes Yes
User and organization management approval_status Yes Yes
contract Yes Yes
member_group Yes Yes Yes
organization Yes Yes
checkout_profile Yes Yes
person_contact Yes Yes
person Yes Yes Yes
term_condition Yes Yes
Authentication and session Management guest_identity Yes Yes
login_identity Yes Yes
ltpa_identity Yes Yes
previewToken Yes Yes
user_context Yes Yes
Store locator country Yes Yes Yes
geonode Yes Yes
storelocator Yes Yes
Commerce Composer services page Yes Yes Yes
page_design Yes Yes Yes
widget_definition Yes Yes Yes
Store services configuration Yes Yes Yes
store Yes Yes Yes
Miscellaneous aggregate Yes
api Yes