An aggregate of responses from multiple REST API requests.

Handler Class:

Method Summary

HTTP MethodPathDescription
GET/store/{storeId}/aggregate?q={q}Finds an aggregate by a query.

Method Details

GET /store/{storeId}/aggregate?q={q}

Finds an aggregate by a query.

Handler Method:


Secure Call Mandatory:


Partial Authentication Allowed:


NameDescriptionParameter TypeData TypeRequiredAllow Multiple
storeIdThe store identifier.pathstringtrueN/A
qThe query name.querystringtruefalse
HTTP Status Codes:
HTTP Status CodeDescription
200The requested completed successfully.
400Bad request. Some of the inputs provided to the request aren't valid.
401Not authenticated. The user session isn't valid.
403The user isn't authorized to perform the specified request.
404The specified resource couldn't be found.
500Internal server error. Additional details will be contained on the server logs.