WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Transferring a shopcart from the store to the Commerce Plaza

This step requires that an order has been placed in the store, and a simulated distributor. If you do not have a live distributor's site that you can connect to for your testing, you will need a distributor simulator to request a quote, and to submit a shopcart. When you request a quote, you are taken to a live distributor site and get a real-time quote from the distributor. You need something to simulate that process, otherwise, that request can't go anywhere. You will be able to transfer your shopcart, but nothing will happen afterward without a distributor or a simulated distributor.

About this task

If your store needs to use a shared fulfillment center, you must edit the following file:

  • WC_installdir/xml/trading/xml/TemplateHostingContractRPS.xml

You need to replace SERVICE_PROVIDER_SHARED_FULFILLMENT_CENTER_NAME with PCD Home (the name of the shared fulfillment center of the service provider), copy it, and then paste this section down into the ShippingArrangements area specified further down in the file.