Consumer direct sample store

The consumer direct sample store illustrates the tasks that a consumer can perform at a retailer's e-commerce site in the framework of the consumer direct business model.

Some of the features included in this sample store are:
  • Master and sales catalogs
  • Product categories, products, SKUs, bundles, and prebuilt kits
  • Merchandising associations, defining and descriptive attributes, list and offer prices
  • Automatic and redeemable promotions
  • Shipping charges and taxes
  • e-Marketing Spots
  • Support for guest and registered customers
  • Support for multiple shipping addresses
  • Globalization support
  • Shopping cart and mini shopping cart
  • Support for large shopping carts using multiple pages
  • Quick order and quick checkout
  • Wish lists
  • Order status and tracking
  • Simple and advanced search
  • Optional integration with WebSphere Commerce Payments
  • Three feature-rich sample data sets
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Tiered pricing policy
  • Future orders
  • Ship as complete or partial shipments
  • Shipping instructions
  • Multiple payments per order
  • Attribute Dictionary
  • New e-Marketing engine

The consumer direct sample store provides all the pages and features necessary for functioning consumer direct online store. It is packaged with WebSphere Commerce as a sample store archive located in the samples directory.