WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Supply chain sample store (Supplier Hub) overview

Commerce Supplier Hub is the new sample store of a Supply chain site provided with WebSphere Commerce. The main site includes the Commerce Supplier Hub, an aggregate or master catalog, and the assets required to publish supplier stores. The Hub is a place where suppliers, and buyers come together. Use this sample to get started on setting up a site where you will be able to host sellers with an aggregate catalog, or to create a sort of a marketplace, where buyers and sellers can come together in one environment.

Store features include:

Self-provisioning features include:

  • Buyer and seller self-register both organizations and users with the Supplier hub
  • Request to host a store
  • Create a store with Store Creation Wizard, change look and feel
  • Manage a store
  • Organization administration

Aggregated catalog features include:

  • All supplier catalog data are aggregated into the supplier hub
  • Buyers can navigate and get offer or contract prices in the aggregated catalog from different suppliers
  • Supplier stores will get all the advanced b2b direct features

Commerce Supplier Hub provides all the pages and features necessary for a functioning online store. Commerce Supplier Hub is packaged with WebSphere Commerce as a store archive. In some cases, publishing a store archive to a WebSphere Commerce Server allows you to create a running store. In WebSphere Commerce, Enterprise, store archive files are also used to package and deliver organization structures, predefined user roles, and access control policies necessary to create the environment for your store or site, as well as collections of store assets that create a catalog or a storefront. In order to create a running store, you must publish one of the composite store archives. You can also publish a sequence of component store archives to publish a running store. Stores are published from the Administration Console; only Site Administrators can publish a store archive by selecting Site, and from the Store Archives menu, selecting Publish. The Store Archives page then displays listing the store archives available for publish. By default, the page showing composite store archives displays. For more information about publishing a store archive, see the WebSphere Commerce online help publishing information.

Since store creation in WebSphere Commerce is based upon selecting a store archive and modifying it, Commerce Supplier Hub is designed to act as the basis for your store. It is based on a typical shopping flow. The store pages can be customized. All Commerce Supplier Hub store pages are JavaServer Pages pages. These pages include HTML, Java, and JavaScript. The JSP files can be cached.