JSP code snippet: SecureThreeDDisplay.jsp

This JSP code snippet displays waiting page when the server is processing a 3-D Secure request. It displays a password request page and asks the shopper to enter the password of the credit card if the credit card is enrolled for 3-D Secure service.


  1. This snippet is available in the following directory:
    • WC_installdir/samples/Snippets/web/Order/Secure3d/SecureThreeDDisplay.jsp
    • WebSphere Commerce Developer WCDE_installdir\samples\Snippets\web\Order\Secure3d\SecureThreeDDisplay.jsp
  2. Copy the Snippets/Order/Secure3d/ directory to a directory under your store directory.
  3. To display this feature in your store, you need to either:
    1. Create a JSP file based on this code snippet
    2. Use the sample wrapper JSP file named SecureThreeDDisplay.jsp and customize it as described in the comments. The sample wrapper JSP is available under samples/JSPs/web/Order/Secure3d/ directory.
  4. To include this snippet in your wrapper JSP file, use the following statement:
    <c:import url="Snippets/Order/Secure3d/SecureThreeDDisplay.jsp"

    The path in this statement is the relative path of the snippet file to the store directory.


  1. Copy the sample wrapper JSP file to your store directory, from



    WC_eardir/Stores.war/ storedir/

  2. Copy the appropriate snippet file from




  3. Copy the required properties files from



    WC_eardir/Stores.war/WEB-INF/classes/ storedir/Snippets/Order/Secure3d/