JSP code snippet: Display customization terms and conditions

The CustomizationTCDisplay.jsp file displays the customization information according to the display customization terms and conditions for the a user's current session logon ID, store ID, and the selected language ID.

It shows the following information:

  • Company logo image
  • Customized text field one
  • Customized text field two

For this snippet implementation purpose, a relative path is expected for the company logo to display correctly.

The CustomizationTCDisplay.jsp file is available under the following directory:

  • WC_installdir/samples/Snippets/web/Contract/TermCondition
  • WebSphere Commerce Developer WCDE_installdir\samples\Snippets\web\Contract\TermCondition


Before you can see this feature, you must create an account under WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, specify the company logo URL, and customize the text field one as well as the text field two contents.


To display this feature in your store's home page, you can cut and paste the code from the snippet to your store's home page. For example, if your store is based on Deprecated featureadvanced B2B direct starter store, you can cut and paste the code to the following directory:


To specify a custom logo, text, or both, that is associated with each customer's business account, change the business account using the Account Display Customization page within the Account notebook in the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.

<!-- Start - JSP File Name: CustomizationTCDisplay.jsp -->

<%-- Make sure that you do not duplicate taglib when you copy
the snippet code into your JSP --%>
<%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jstl/core" prefix="c" %>

<%-- Get a DisplayCustomizationTCDataBean for this snippet using
wcbase:useBean tag from Commerce --%>

* Activate the data bean at the beginning of the JSP file. 
* If you create a JSP file based on the following code snippet,
copy the data bean
* activation code to your JSP file and uncomment it.