Transaction services

You can use transaction services to create, update, and delete business objects.

Successful transaction services return an XML document in which the root element is named object. This response also includes any state information that changed as a result of the service. For example, when you activate a promotion it becomes read-only. The response from the activate service must include the readOnly="true" attribute on the object tag. If the service creates or modifies properties, the new property values must be included as children of the object tag. For example, if a create service generates a primary ID, the primary ID property must be returned as a child element of the object element.

Transaction services that fail return an XML document in which the root element is named errors. The child elements of the errors tag can either be named exception or validationError. Exceptions display errors for which there is no immediate corrective action, such as when the user does not have the access required to update the current business object. Validation errors display errors that the user can correct, such as creating a business object for which the specified identifier already exists.

The Management Center uses the following types of transaction services:
Creates a new instance of an object, such as a new product or promotion.
Updates an existing instance of a business object to save changes to that object. For example, if you change the name of an existing product and save the change, the product is updated.
Triggers an action or performs clean up work on the server after an object is successfully created or updated and then saved. For example, if you create a customer segment and save it, the customer segment is automatically activated when it is saved.
Deletes an instance of an object. For example, you can delete a discontinued product from a catalog.
Performs a custom action on a business object. A custom service performs a processing action on a business object. For example, you can use a custom service to activate a promotion.