Testing the new style registration

In this lesson, the style registration is tested in the Madisons starter store with the Change Style wizard in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, or the Management Center Store Management tool if Feature Pack 2 is enabled.


  1. Select the new style option and save your changes.
    • WebSphere Commerce Version Pack 1 In WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, select the new style:
      1. Open the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.
      2. Click Store > Change Style. The layout page is displayed.
      3. Select layout 2 and click Next. The color page is displayed.
      4. Select color 1.
      5. Click Apply to save your changes.
    • Feature Pack 3Feature Pack 2 In Management Center, select the new style:
      1. Open the Management Center Store Management tool.
      2. Select Stores > Madisons.
      3. Select the styles tab.
      4. Select the new style 2 option. A new set of color options is now available.
      5. Select the color 1 option.
      6. Click Save to save your changes.
  2. Launch the store to view the store appearance.
    • WebSphere Commerce Version Pack 1Click View Store. The store page displays in a new browser.
    • Feature Pack 3Feature Pack 2Click Launch store toolbar button icon to open and display your store page in a new browser window.

    Madisons starter store screen capture, testing the style change

    Note: The style is the same as the default Madisons starter store pages, as you have not made any style changes.
  3. Close the store page.