Testing the new color registration

In this lesson, the color registration is tested in the Madisons starter store.


  1. Select the new color option and save your change.
    • WebSphere Commerce Version Pack 1 In WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, select the new color:
      1. Open the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.
      2. Click Store > Change Style. The layout page displays.
      3. Select layout1 and click Next. The color page displays.
      4. Select color3.
      5. Click Apply to save your change.
    • Feature Pack 3Feature Pack 2 In Management Center, select the new color:
      1. Open the Management Center Store Management tool.
      2. Select Stores > Madisons.
      3. Select the styles tab
      4. Select the new color3 option.
      5. Click Save to save your change.
  2. Launch the store to view the store appearance.
    • WebSphere Commerce Version Pack 1Click View Store. Your store page displays in a new browser window.
    • Feature Pack 3Feature Pack 2Click Launch store toolbar button icon to open and display your store page in a new browser window.

    Madisons starter store screen capture, testing the color registration

    Note: The color is the same as the default Madisons starter store pages, as you have not made any color changes.
  3. Close the store page.