WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Configuring a buyer organization that uses a procurement system

WebSphere Commerce can be integrated with procurement systems. This page explains how to configure the buyer organization when integrating with a procurement system.


  1. Create a buyer organization and register it in WebSphere Commerce.
  2. Select roles for the organization. Assign the Procurement Buyer and Procurement Buyer Administrator roles for the buyer organization.
  3. Populate the organization identity information in the ORGCODE table for both the buyer and supplier.
  4. Create an administrator user and register them under the buyer organization.
  5. Select the Procurement Buyer Administrator role for the user. The logon credentials of the Procurement Buyer Administrator is used to authenticate incoming requests from the procurement system on behalf of a buyer organization. If the procurement system's protocol is such that the same logon credential is used for more than one buyer organization, then the administrator user must be created under the root organization and assigned the Procurement Buyer Administrator role for all buyer organizations that use the same credentials.
  6. Define the buyer and supplier organization mapping information in the BUYSUPMAP table.
  7. If needed, define any buyer organization specific view tasks in PROCMSGVW table.
  8. Capture the procurement protocol and buyer specific profile information in the PROCBUYPRF table.