WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Configuring the cookie for procurement

WebSphere Commerce uses a generated encrypted cookie to bind the session between the Punch-out setup phase where the requisitioning user's (if the user is new) authentication and registration is performed, and the catalog shopping phase where the procurement system launches a new browser window for the requisitioning user.

About this task

There are four configurable parameters that are related to this cookie:

  • The maximum number of cookies present in the system at one time.
  • The expiry time of the cookie.
  • The cleanup interval time for the expired cookies.
  • The maximum number of times to retry fetching the supplierCookie data from the cache (It can be used if the DRS has not completed the replication to all servers). There is a 100 millisecond wait time between each retry.
    Note: You need Fix Pack 8 cumulative interim fix 2 for this parameter to work, it includes APAR JR52241 for this setting.

To configure these parameters:


  1. Open the WebSphere Commerce configuration file.
  2. Change the MessagingExtensions element to the following:
    <MessagingExtensions display="false">
    <SupplierCookie maxCount="1000"
      maxRetries="30" />
  3. Restart WebSphere Commerce.


Note: This information cannot be found in the Configuration Management GUI. You must manually edit the information in the instance configuration XML file and then restart the instance to apply the changes.