Uninstalling feature packs interactively

You can uninstall your feature pack using an interactive method that uses a graphical wizard. Go through the wizard panels to uninstall your feature pack.

Before you begin

If you enabled any features that are included in the WebSphere Commerce feature pack, you must disable them before you uninstall the feature pack. To disable the features included in the feature pack, see Disabling features.
Ensure that you have the appropriate privileges:
  • AIXLinuxSolarisLog on:
    • As a root user
    • WebSphere Commerce Version or laterFeature Pack 8Or as a non-root user that owns WC_installdir
  • Important: Feature packs that were installed by the root user must be uninstalled by the root user.
  • WindowsLog on to a user that has Windows Administrative user rights.

About this task

If you install a feature pack on a system that already has a lower-level feature pack that is installed, features in the lower-level feature pack are overwritten by the higher feature pack version. When you use this task to uninstall the later feature pack, the operation uninstalls only those features that were not present in the previous feature pack. All features that were in the previous feature pack remain on your system at the higher level. The previous feature pack can still be uninstalled.

Since feature packs are cumulative, when you uninstall the feature pack you completely remove the feature pack. Uninstall is not a rollback scenario.


  1. SolarisLinuxAIXYou must export your display, and have access to your X server. For more information, see your operating system documentation.
  2. Go to the following directory:
    • WC_installdir/uninstall.fepX
  3. Start the uninstaller by issuing the following command:
    • SolarisLinuxAIX./uninstall
    • Windowsuninstall.exe
  4. On the Welcome page, review the information and click Next to continue.
  5. On the Uninstallation summary page, review the information, and click Next. The uninstaller starts the uninstallation actions.
  6. After the uninstallation is complete, a Summary page is displayed indicating success or failure. Review the information, then click Finish.
  7. Review the feature pack uninstall logs:
    • WC_installdir/logs/FEPX/uninstall/log.txt

    Where X is the feature pack number that you uninstalled.

    If the installation failed, see Troubleshooting: WebSphere Commerce feature pack install or uninstall failed.

  8. Manually delete the following directories if they exist:
    • WC_installdir/uninstall.fepX
    • WC_installdir/license.fepX
    • X is the feature pack number that you uninstalled.