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Enabling features

After you install a WebSphere Commerce feature pack, you can enable any of the included features to enhance your WebSphere Commerce instance.

Before you begin

  • Each WebSphere Commerce feature pack contains features that you can enable.
  • In the runtime environment, to enable the features included in the WebSphere Commerce feature pack, you must have a WebSphere Commerce instance created.
  • In a staging environment, ensure that you run the stagingprop utility before you enable features.
  • In a staging environment, both the staging and production servers must satisfy the following condition:
    • The WebSphere Commerce application and the WebSphere Commerce database are at the same feature pack level.
  • Back up your database. Refer to your database user manual for information on backup and restore procedures.
  • DB2It is recommended that you use the latest DB2 fix pack available for your DB2 version.

    WebSphere Commerce Version or laterThere are issues that are related to database schema creation when you use DB2 V9.7 Fix Pack 5 or later. See: Database schema creation might fail on DB2 V9.7 Fix Pack 5 (or later) when you install or upgrade from a WebSphere Commerce version older than V7.0.0.6

    WebSphere Commerce DeveloperIntroduced in Feature Pack 2Important: If you plan to use DB2 Version 9.7 database, you must change the development database type before you enable features.
  • DB2If you have custom table spaces, you must ensure that the SQL files that rely on the table spaces are modified to reference the names of your custom table spaces.
    Depending on the feature pack level you have installed, modify one or more of the following files:
    • Feature Pack 1WC_installdir/components/foundation/schema/fep1/db2/
    • Feature Pack 2WC_installdir/components/foundation/schema/fep2/db2/
    • Feature Pack 3WC_installdir/components/foundation/schema/fep3/db2/
    • Feature Pack 4WC_installdir/components/foundation/schema/fep4/db2/
    • Feature Pack 4WC_installdir/components/location-services/schema/fep4/db2/wcs.schema.location-services.sql
    • Feature Pack 5WC_installdir/components/foundation/schema/fep5/db2/
    • Feature Pack 6WC_installdir/components/foundation/schema/fep6/db2/
    • Feature Pack 7WC_installdir/components/foundation/schema/fep7/db2/
    • Feature Pack 8WC_installdir/components/foundation/schema/fep8/db2/
    In each applicable SQL file, you must change any table space references so that they point to your custom table spaces. Feature packs are cumulative, so if you are on a later feature pack, files for lower-level feature packs will already be present on your system and will need to be modified.
  • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperEnsure that you have all of your changes checked into software configuration management (SCM).
  • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperDisconnect SVN before feature enablement. It can be re-enabled after feature enablement is complete.
  • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperWindowsEnsure that Windows Indexing and Windows Search services are disabled. If these services are enabled they can prevent the clean-up of working directories, which can cause feature disablement to fail.
  • Install a WebSphere Commerce feature pack.

About this task

If you enable a high-level feature, lower-level features are enabled automatically. The following table shows the dependencies between the features.
Functional area When you enable this feature... These dependent features are automatically enabled
Location-based services location-services
  • management-center
  • foundation
Store enhancements
  • Introduced in Feature Pack 1Remote widgets
  • Introduced in Feature Pack 2Coshopping functionality
  • Introduced in Feature Pack 2Search integration
  • Introduced in Feature Pack 2Subscriptions and recurring orders
  • Introduced in Feature Pack 2Price rules and price lists
  • Introduced in Feature Pack 2IBM Product Recommendations, formerly known as Coremetrics Intelligent Offer
  • Introduced in Feature Pack 3Dynamic kit integration with Sterling Configurator
  • Feature Pack 5 or laterSearch engine optimization (SEO)
  • management-center
  • foundation
Content versioning content-version
  • management-center
  • foundation
Management Center management-center
  • foundation
WebSphere Commerce foundation foundation


Enable one or more features: