Listing the status of WebSphere Commerce features

You can review the overall deployment of your WebSphere Commerce instance with the checkEnablementStatus script. The script outputs the installed version numbers, and the enabled or disabled status of each feature.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have the appropriate privileges:
    • SolarisLinuxAIXEnsure that you are logged on as the WebSphere Commerce non-root user.
    • For IBM i OS operating systemEnsure that your user profile has *SECOFR authority.
    • WindowsEnsure that you are logged on with a user ID that is a member of the Windows Administration group.
  • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperEnsure that the test server is stopped and that Rational Application Developer is not running.
  • SolarisLinuxWindowsAIXEnsure that WebSphere Commerce Fix Pack 1 or later is installed.
  • For IBM i OS operating systemEnsure that WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 5 or later is installed.


  1. Navigate to the following directory:
    • WC_installdir/bin
    • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperWCDE_installdir\bin
  2. Run the check enablement status script:
    • WindowscheckEnablementStatus.bat -DinstanceName=instance_name -DdbUserName=WC_db_user -DdbUserPassword=WC_db_password
    • SolarisLinuxAIXFor IBM i OS operating system./ -DinstanceName=instance_name -DdbUserName=WC_db_user -DdbUserPassword=WC_db_password
    • WebSphere Commerce DevelopercheckEnablementStatus.bat
  3. Confirm the feature enablement status from the following location:
    • The status message appears in the command window where you issued the check status command.
    • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperWCDE_installdir\logs\enableFeature.log

    If the message indicates that a feature is enabled in the EAR and the database, then the feature is enabled.

    If the message indicates that a feature is enabled in the database, but not the EAR, then the feature is disabled.