WebSphere Commerce Developer

Upgrading to a newer WebSphere Application Server version using Installation Manager

WebSphere Commerce recommends installing the latest version of WebSphere Application Server 7.0, as it becomes available. The WebSphere Application Server test environment in the development environment must be upgraded to match that of the WebSphere Commerce server environment if it has been upgraded to the latest version.

About this task

You should use this method to apply fixes to the WebSphere Application Server test environment if you intend to upgrade the WebSphere Application Server test environment to the latest version recommended by WebSphere Commerce.


  1. Upgrade the WebSphere Application Server test environment to the required Fix Pack version using Installation Manager.
    1. Launch Installation Manager by going to the directory where Installation Manager was installed and running IBMIM.exe.
      Alternatively, you can launch Installation Manager as follows:
      • For Windows VistaFor Windows 2008For Windows 7Start > Programs > IBM Installation Manager > IBM Installation Manager (Run as administrator)
      • For Windows XPFor Windows 2003 Start > All Programs > IBM Installation Manager > IBM Installation Manager
    2. From the main menu, select Update.
    3. Select the IBM Software Delivery Platform package and click Next.
    4. Select only the IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 7.0 Test Environment package update you want to apply and click Next.
      • If the recommended update does not match the desired version, deselect the Show recommended only option to show all other available updates. If you still do not see the version you want to select, this is likely because Installation Manager is not looking for updates in the service repositories. To change this, in Installation Manager, go to File > Preferences, then under Repositories select the Search service repositories during installation and updates check box.
    5. Complete the license agreement and click Next.
    6. Select the features to install, if any. Click Next.
    7. Review the update summary and click Update to install the updates.
    8. When the installation completes, click Finish and close Installation Manager.
  2. Install the recommended fixes that correspond to the updated WebSphere Application Server version.

    Refer to WebSphere Application Server fixes to determine which fixes you need to install on your system.