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Applying fixes to the WebSphere Application Server test environment using InstallShield

The WebSphere Application Server Customized Installation Package (CIP), which is bundled with WebSphere Commerce Developer, is used to upgrade the WebSphere Application Server test environment to the required level for WebSphere Commerce Version


  1. On the machine where Rational Application Developer or Rational Software Architect is installed, navigate to the location of the WebSphere Application Server DVD image.
  2. Prepare the update installation wizard:
    1. Start a command prompt.
    2. Change directories to the \disk2\WAS\ directory on the WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V7.0.0.3 install image.
    3. Run the install.exe command.
    4. Select Apply maintenance or add features to an existing installation.
    5. Select directory RAD_installdir/runtimes/base_v7. Click Next.
  3. When the update installation wizard completes, click Finish.