Recommended fixes and settings for WebSphere Commerce Version 7

This topic provides a comprehensive list of recommended, generally available (GA) fixes for IBM WebSphere Commerce Version 7 releases. It also lists cumulative fixes available for WebSphere Commerce.

Recommended fixes and settings are fixes and settings that you should use if you want to optimize your environment. WebSphere Commerce and its related products regularly release fix packs and individual interim fixes for public download. Fix packs contain multiple corrections and improvements in the areas of function, security, stability, and performance. It is recommended that you run your WebSphere Commerce site with current fix pack levels. As with all production changes, the application of a fix pack or interim fix should be subject to rigorous functional and performance verification with your custom code.

Note: For more information about the minimum fixes for IBM WebSphere Commerce Version 7 releases that you require in order to receive support, see Required fixes for WebSphere Commerce Version 7.

Even if an update is not in your schedule, you should review the information about recommended fixes and settings in this topic, and the links it contains. You should also keep informed about the corrections and improvements included with each WebSphere Commerce fix pack. You can use this information to determine how your site might benefit from an upgrade. Likewise, you should review the links to the fix pack information for other products that are listed in this topic to determine how your site might benefit from upgrading them.

The information on this page should be reviewed in parallel with the information in the following sections:
For IBM i OS operating systemIBM i-specific fixes are delivered by PTF. You should install the latest PTF of WebSphere Application Server, Java, IBM HTTP Server, and DB2. See the following URL for the latest PTF group information: