Updating the installation directory interactively

Applying the fix pack interactively, updates the WebSphere Commerce product to that fix pack level.

Before you begin

  1. Download and install the WebSphere Commerce Update Installer.
  2. LinuxIf you limited the size of your /tmp directory, you might encounter an insufficient free disk space on the system error. To avoid the error, update UPDI to use a different directory that does not have a limit. For more information, see Prerequisite checking has failed because 'There is insufficient free disk space on the system'.
  3. Stop the WebSphere Commerce Information Center by issuing one of the following commands:
    • SolarisLinuxAIXWC_installdir/bin/
    • WindowsWC_installdir/bin/stopHelp.bat
  4. If you are using a staging server, run the stagingprop utility before you install the fix pack.
WebSphere Commerce Version or laterSolarisFeature Pack 8LinuxAIXNote: If you are a non-root user, you can apply fix packs only if you installed WebSphere Commerce Update Installer as a non-root user.


Complete the following steps to apply the fix pack to the WebSphere Commerce product directory.
  1. Download the fix pack that you want to install.
  2. Save the fix pack to the following directory: UPDI_installdir/maintenance.
  3. Ensure that the Configuration Manager server is stopped.
  4. Windows Log on with a user ID that is a member of the Windows Administration group.
  5. SolarisLinuxAIX Log on.
    • Log on as the root user
      • If you are already signed onto the system, issue the command su - root. Do not use the command su root. This command does not load the necessary root user's profile and environment.
    • Feature Pack 8WebSphere Commerce Version log on as a non-root user that owns WC_installdir.
    • Ensure that the file size limit is set to unlimited. To check the current limit, type the following in a command window: ulimit -a

      If the value returned for the file size is not set to unlimited, change the limit by running the following command: ulimit -f unlimited

    • Ensure that you increase the default limit of the open files parameter. Change the limit by running the following command: ulimit -n 8192
  6. Using the command line, go to the UPDI_installdir directory and type the following command:
    • SolarisLinuxAIX./
    • Windowsupdate.bat or update.exe
  7. The WebSphere Commerce Update Installer wizard launches. Complete the following steps:
    1. On the Welcome panel, review the information and click Next to continue.
    2. Specify the WebSphere Commerce installation directory. If the correct directory is not listed, enter the name of the correct directory and click Next.
    3. If you configured WebSphere Commerce or WebSphere Commerce Payments instances on the system, select Product Only from the list and click OK.
    4. Select Install maintenance package. Click Next.
    5. Select the UPDI_installdir/maintenance directory and click Next.
    6. On the Available Maintenance Package to Install page, select the appropriate fix pack and click Next.
      Ensure that you select the fix pack only.
      Note: You cannot install fix packs and interim fixes at the same time.
    7. Review and accept the license agreement, then click Next to begin the installation.
    8. From the summary page, review the information and click Next.
  8. Ensure that the installer displays the message: Success:The following maintenance package was installed. If you do not see this message, the installer indicates which log files to check. Click Finish. to exit the Update Installer wizard.
  9. Check the log files for errors.
    The log files are in the following directory, where X is number of the fix pack installed:
    • WC_installdir/logs/update/7.0.0-WS-WCServer-FP00X.install

What to do next

If you have an existing WebSphere Commerce or WebSphere Commerce Payments instance, relaunch the Update Installer wizard. Refer to Updating the instance interactively.

If you do not have an existing WebSphere Commerce or WebSphere Commerce Payments instance, then the installation of the fix pack is complete. Refer to Installing final steps.

SolarisLinuxAIXIf you plan to create an instance and you recently upgraded your WebSphere Application Server fix pack level, complete the following steps before you create the WebSphere Commerce or WebSphere Commerce Payments instance:
  • Sign in as the root user.
  • Run the command: WC_installdir/bin/