Enabling interim fix JR55526

JR55526 addresses an issue where a shopper cannot scroll on an Aurora mobile store if the shopper is using Google Chrome browser Version 48 or newer.

Before you begin

Install the interim fix for JR55526.


  1. Compare and merge store-related changes that are included with this fix.
    For more information, see Enabling store-related interim fixes.
Update Aurora storefront JSP files.
  1. Feature Pack 7 or later Open the following file.
    • WC_eardir/Stores.war/storedir/Common/EnvironmentSetup.jspf
    • WebSphere Commerce Developerworkspace_dir\Stores\WebContent\storedir\Common\EnvironmentSetup.jspf
  2. Feature Pack 6 Open the following file.
    • WC_eardir/Stores.war/storedir/mobile20/include/JSTLEnvironmentSetup.jspf
    • WebSphere Commerce Developerworkspace_dir\Stores\WebContent\storedir\mobile20\include\JSTLEnvironmentSetup.jspf
  3. Search for the following line.
    <c:set var="dojoDir" value="${staticAssetContextRoot}/dojo18"/>
  4. Replace "dojo18" with "dojo110".
  5. Save and close the file.
Update Store Preview tooling files
  1. Open the following files.
    • WC_eardir/Stores.war/tools/preview/StorePreviewerHeader.jsp
    • WC_eardir/Stores.war/tools/preview/StorePreviewer.jsp
    • WebSphere Commerce Developerworkspace_dir\Stores\WebContent\tools\preview\StorePreviewerHeader.jsp
    • WebSphere Commerce Developerworkspace_dir\Stores\WebContent\tools\preview\StorePreviewer.jsp
  2. Search for the following line.
    <c:set var="dojoDir" value="${staticAssetContextRoot}/dojo18"/>
  3. Replace "dojo18" with "dojo110".
  4. Save and close the files.
  5. Rebuild Dojo.