Feature Pack 8

Enabling interim fix JR53752

Interim fix JR53752 resolves a storefront issue where after resolving a SKU on the Product Display page, several widgets display product information rather than SKU information.

Before you begin

Ensure that the latest cumulative interim fix is installed:

Install the interim fix for JR53752.


  1. Compare and merge store-related changes that are included with this fix.
    For more information, see Enabling store-related interim fixes.
  2. Open the WC_eardir/Stores.war/storedir/ShoppingArea/CatalogSection/CatalogEntrySubsection/ProductDisplay.jsp file.
  3. Update the displaySKUContextData value to true.
    For example, change
    <c:set var="displaySKUContextData" value="false" scope="request" />
    <c:set var="displaySKUContextData" value="true" scope="request" />