Feature Pack 5Feature Pack 6

Enabling interim fix JR51140

Interim fix JR51140 supports the use of FIELD1-3 of the FACET table through the Attribute Dictionary Attribute Facet properties in Management Center.

  • Custom FACET table fields 1, 2 and 3 can only be set if an Attribute Dictionary Attribute is set to facetable.
  • FACET.FIELD1, FACET.FIELD2, and FACET.FIELD3 are mapped in Management Center to facetField1, facetField2, and facetField3 facet properties
Enable this fix if you want to use Management Center to update FIELD1 to FIELD3 of the FACET table. Customize Management Center .def files to expose the custom FACET fields in the Attribute Dictionary Attribute Facet properties.

Before you begin

  • Feature Pack 5Install the cumulative interim fix for Feature Pack 5, JR53048.fep. JR51140 is included in the cumulative interim fix.
  • Feature Pack 6Install the interim fix for JR51140.


  1. Open the following file.
    • WC_eardir/LOBTools.war/config/commerce/catalog/AttributeDictionaryAttributePrimaryObjectDefinition.def
    • WebSphere Commerce Developerworkspace_dir/LOBTools/WebContent/config/commerce/catalog/AttributeDictionaryAttributePrimaryObjectDefinition.def
  2. Edit the file to include the necessary facetField properties.
    For example, the following code implements the facetField2 property.
    <PropertyDefinition displayName="${catalogResources.field2Prompt}" propertyName="xfacet_facetField2" type="string" maximumSize="256">
    	<EnablementCondition contextName="searchEnabled" enablementValue="true" conditionId="searchEnabledContextValueCondition"/>
    <ServiceParam name="xfacet_facetField2" 
    	<EnablementCondition conditionId="facetableTypeCondition" enablementValue="true" propertyName="facetable"/>
  3. Open the following file.
    • WC_eardir/LOBTools.war/config/commerce/catalog/AttributeDictionaryAttributePropertiesView.def
    • WebSphere Commerce Developerworkspace_dir/LOBTools/WebContent/config/commerce/catalog/AttributeDictionaryAttributePropertiesView.def
  4. Edit the file to include the corresponding text and property name.
    For example:
    <PropertyInputText extendedHelpText="${catalogResources.field2Prompt}" 
    	propertyName="xfacet_facetField2" required="false"/>
  5. Deploy the files to your production environment.