Feature Pack 5

Enabling interim fix JR46212

Interim fix JR46212 provides a fix to avoid encountering a NullPointerException when you browse categories in the Utility pane for the Extended Sites Catalog Asset Store.

Before you begin

Install the cumulative interim fix for Feature Pack 5, JR53048.fep.


  1. Refresh the search configuration registry from the Administration Console.
    1. Log in to the Administration Console with a site administrator account.
    2. Select Site and click OK.
    3. Select the Registry menu item from the Configuration menu.
    4. Find and select the Search Index Configuration registry.
    5. Click Update.
  2. Filter the facet object from the Utility pane by modifying the CatalogGroupPrimaryObjectDefinition.def file. You must implement and deploy changes to OpenLaszlo code that is reserved for client customization to install this interim fix.
    1. Start WebSphere Commerce Developer.
    2. Open the J2EE perspective and select the Enterprise Explorer view.
    3. Go to LOBTools > WebContent > config > commerce > catalog > objectDefinitions.
    4. Open the CatalogGroupPrimaryObjectDefinition.def file.
    5. Search for the following code:
      <UpdateService sendDefaultLanguageProperties="true" url="/cmc/UpdateCatalogGroup"> 
    6. Add the following code before it:
      <!--- Object filter used to select the object types that will be displayed in the utilities view details 
      view when an object of this object type is selected in the utilities browse view. -->
      <ObjectTypeFilter filterType="utilitiesViewFilter" objectTypes="ChildCatalogGroup,ChildInheritedCatalogGroup,ChildProduct,ChildBundle,ChildKit,
    7. Save the file.
  3. Deploy the changes to your WebSphere Commerce Server:
    1. Export the LOBTools project:
      1. In the Enterprise Explorer view, right-click LOBTools and select Export > WAR file.
      2. Click Browse and select a destination.
      3. Click Finish.
  4. Deploy the new LOBTools.war file on the target WebSphere Commerce Server.
    For more information, see Deploying a WAR module.