Troubleshooting: Warning message in migratedb log

An SQL exception is logged during database migration.


After running the migratedb script, you see the following message in the migratedb log:

 Info : select max(columnname) from tablename where columnname>=
0 and columnname<= 2147483648
 Warning: SQLException: ORA-00904: "columnname": invalid identifier


Perform the following steps to correct the column name in your KEYS table:

  1. Find out the correct column name which is used as the unique ID for the table.
  2. Connect to your database.
  3. Run the following SQL script to update the KEYS table to have the correct columnname:
       update KEYS set COLUMNNAME =columnname where tablename=yourtablename
  4. Run the following SQL script to get the max value of columnname:
       select counter, lowerbound, upperbound from KEYS where
    tablename=yourtablename; select max(columnname)
     from yourtablename where 
    columnname>= lowerbound and columnname<= upperbound
  5. If the max value of the column is larger than the counter value, run the following SQL to update the counter value in the KEYS table:
       update KEYS set COUNTER=maxvalue where tablename=yourtablename