Troubleshooting: Error message during database tier migration

Review this document for two problems with DB2 database migration.

Problem 1

During database tier migration using a DB2 database, you receive the following error message:

SQL1762N Unable to connect to database because there is not enough
space to allocate active log files. SQLSTATE=08004

Solution 1

Login as a DB2 administrator and increase or decrease the log file size ( logfilsiz configuration parameter) from the default setting of 1000 blocks. Otherwise, if there is not enough space, the transaction log file will become full when you run the database tier migration script. In this case, you will need to increase your disk space size or relocate the database log to another disk. During the database tier migration check step, the pre-checker will estimate the required disk space needed for the database log file.

Problem 2

During database tier migration using a DB2 database you receive the following error message:

SQL0964C The transaction log for the database is full

Solution 2

Increase the DB2 log file size for your database. At a minimum, set the DB2 log file size to 1000 blocks. If you have a large database, change the log file size to 10000 blocks, or more. Use the following SQL statement:

db2 update database configuration for data_base_name using
logfilsiz 10000
Note: The log file size can also be changed within the DB2 Control Center.