Test the auto-suggest menu customization

Feature Pack 3Feature Pack 4In this lesson, you are testing your customization to verify that WebSphere Commerce Search returns your created navigation suggestion groups.

About this task

Complete the following procedure to search for your created warranty type navigation suggestion group and verify that your customization is successful.


  1. Start or restart your WebSphere Commerce Test Server.
  2. Open your Madisons starter store. To view the Madisons store, in a new web browser, type http://host_name/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreView?storeId=storeId. Where,
    This Id is the store entity ID as defined in the STORE_ID column of the STORE table.
    This name is the fully qualified host name of your WebSphere Commerce Server (for example, wcserver.mydomain.ibm.com is fully qualified).
  3. In the auto-suggest menu of your storefront, begin to enter the following search term: Limited. The auto-suggest menu displays the category Warranty with the suggested result Limited in the auto suggest menu
  4. Click the Limited suggestion group. All of the catalog entries with the warranty type Limited return.
  5. Repeat the previous step to verify the suggestion group Comprehensive is successfully added.


You auto-suggest navigation groups are created to enhance your store auto-suggest menu for WebSphere Commerce Search.