Register the new warranty search columns in the search configuration tables

Feature Pack 3Feature Pack 4In this lesson, you run a series of SQL statements to populate the SRCHATTR and SRCHATTRPROP customization tables with the warranty type search information. The search information that you add includes the index columns and their usage.

Before you begin

Before you begin, ensure that your store is published to avoid getting an error when you attempt to insert your test data into the database.

About this task

The SRCHATTR and SRCHATTRPROP tables are used to contain attributes for the search index for catalog entries. The tables are used to store search facets on custom attributes to create faceted navigation that is based on new or modified attributes. The tables must be populated with search facet data. This data is used to index the warranty information for catalog entries and return search results for your new suggestion group. For more information about the SRCHATTR and SRCHATTRPROP tables, see Enabling search facets for common attributes


  1. Connect to the development database.
  2. Run the following SQL statement to populate the SRCHATTR customization table:
    insert into srchattr values (9000,'0','CatalogEntry','_cat:Warranty',0);
  3. Run the following SQL statements to populate the SRCHATTRPROP customization table:
    insert into srchattrprop values(9000,'sort','wartype_ntk_cs',0);
    insert into srchattrprop values(9000,'facet','wartype_ntk_cs',0);
    insert into srchattrprop values(9000,'rank','wartype',0);
    insert into srchattrprop values(9000,'search','wartype_ntk_cs',0);
    insert into srchattrprop values(9000,'display','wartype',0);
    insert into srchattrprop values(9000,'filter','wartype_ntk_cs',0);