ValidateShippingAdjustmentCmd task command

The ValidateShippingAdjustmentCmd task command is used to find any inconsistencies in the order's shipping adjustments. If new items have been added then the value returned from hasShoppingCartChanged() will be true else it will be false.

Task command


Implementation class


Commands called


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Find all the existing calculation adjustments records by the passed orderId and the shipping adjustment calculation usage ID (-7)

For each shipping adjustment record:
  • Get the ship mode ID of that record
  • For each ship mode, search the orderitems of the order:
    • If (abOrderItem.getPrepareFlagsInEJBType().intValue() & 1024) != 1024 (PREPAGEFLAGS_SHIPPING_ADJUSTED), set the shoppingCartChanged (after the CSR provides the shipping adjustment) to true

Returns shoppingCartChanged