PrepareOrderCmd task command

The PrepareOrderCmd task command prepares an order by determining prices, discounts, shipping charges, and taxes for an order.

Task command

Implementation class

Commands called


Possible callers





Call DoInventoryActionCmd to get default ATP parameters

Call OrderProcessingHelper to do the following operations:
  • Remove generated order item
  • Ensure all order items are buyable. Throw an exception if one or more items are not buyable
  • Call UpdateShippingAddressCmd to find the appropriate shipping address for all the order items and update them for each order item. If the order item is a dynamic kit, call ValidateDynamicKitConfigurationCmd to do validation
  • Call ResolveOrderItemPriceCmd to calculate the best price and update order total
  • Call DoInventoryActionCmd to check and allocate inventory if necessary

Call CalculateOrderCmd to calculate all order charges and deal with free gift