WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Requisition lists

A requisition list is a list of items that is used to create orders at a later date. Users can create requisition lists of items that they order frequently and use it to periodically re-order the items. Each item on a requisition list is associated with a catalog entry and has the following attributes: SKU, Quantity, Last update time, Owner, Store, Type: private or shared. Private requisition lists can be viewed and modified only by a certain user, typically the creator. A shared requisition list can be read and used by the users in the same organization.

Requisition lists can be created by using the RequisitionListCreate command or the RequisitionListItemUpdate command. To add or change an item in a requisition list, use the RequisitionListItemUpdate command.

Multiple lists can be created by a user within an organization and then shared so that users other than the creator can submit the order. The user must enter the shipping and payment information when placing an order using any list.

The underlying implementation of a requisition list is an order. The STATUS field in the ORDERS database table is used to determine whether an order is a requisition list. A value of Y indicates a private requisition list. A value of Z indicates a shareable requisition list. The type of list can be changed using the RequisitionListUpdate command.

When users add requisition list items to the current order, the original requisition list is not modified, and it continues to be available for reuse.

Alternatively, users can also use the RequisitionListSubmit command to create a new pending order based on a requisition list.

To display all requisition lists belonging to one owner, use RequisitionListDisplay command.