Dual display and counter values

The dual display of a price is the simultaneous display of an amount in the shopping currency and in the euro. You can enable your store pages to display, for reference, equivalent prices in currencies other than the shopping currency. The equivalent price that is displayed is called the counter value.

You can set counter value currencies for every currency you support. The counter values are displayed following the amounts in the shopping currency. Counter values are specified in the CURCVLIST table. They are only valid if there is a conversion in the CURCONVERT table from the primary currency to the counter value.

Since a store group can contain many stores that accept different currencies, it is possible that a customer might select a preferred currency in one store and later shop in another store that does not support their preferred currency. However, if the second store provides counter values in the customer's preferred currency, the prices are displayed in the preferred currency as a counter value.

You can change the symbol that is displayed with a specific currency. You can also specify a currency code string that is different from the ISO 4217 currency codes.