WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Adding and modifying price lists and price policies

You can add additional price lists, if you require multiple price lists to support cost and list prices. If your store uses Management Center to create and manage price lists, this topic is not applicable. Instead, see Working with price lists. You can set adjustments to price list prices using price rules. See Working with price rules.


  • Create the price list. The price list is also known as a trading position container. To create the new price list:
    1. To create the trading position container, run an SQL statement similar to:
      insert into tradeposcn (tradeposcn_id, member_id, name, type) 
           values (-2, member_ID , 'Cost Price List', 'S')
    2. Associate a price with the price list. This requires creating an offer, and then a corresponding offer price. For example:
      insert into offer (offer_id, tradeposcn_id, catentry_id, published) 
           values (-1, -2, 10352 , 1)
      insert into offerprice (offer_id, currency, price) values (-1, 'USD', 100.00)
  • Modify an existing price policy. Run an SQL statement similar to the following example:
    update policy 
         set properties ='name=AdvancedB2BDirect&orgentity_dn=ou=b2b,
                          o=seller organization,o=root organization&type=LIST' 
         where policy_id = policyID
  • Create a new price policy. Run an SQL statement similar to the following example:
    insert into policy (policy_id, policyname, policytype_id, storeent_id, properties) 
         values (-1, 'Cost Price List', 'Price', 10601, 
         'name=Cost Price List&orgentity_dn=ou=b2b,o=seller organization,o=root organization&type=COST' )
    insert into policycmd (policy_id, businesscmdclass) 
         values (-1, 'com.ibm.commerce.price.commands.RetrievePricesCmdImpl')
    insert into policydesc (policy_id, language_id, description) 
         values (-1, -1, 'Cost Price List')
  • Update prices.
    1. You can set adjustments to the prices using the Catalog Filter. If you need to change any prices you must use the loading utilities.
    2. Refresh the Business Policy Price List registry component. See Updating registry components.