Each row of this table represents a rule. The rule can be used to convert a price (stored in the database in a particular currency) to an amount. The amount is what the customer will be charged in a supported shopping currency (a currency in which payment is accepted).

Column Descriptions:

STOREENT_IDINTEGER NOT NULLThe StoreEntity this conversion rule is part of.
FROMCURRCHAR (3) NOT NULLAn amount in the FROMCURR currency is normally part of a rule. Or is part of other information used to determine a price, discount, shipping charge. Or is part of similar amount associated with a product offered for sale.
TOCURRCHAR (3) NOT NULLTOCURR is normally the currency in which the customer intends to pay. Amounts in this currency are normally part of an OrderItem, such as a unit price, shipping charge, or tax amount.
FACTORDECIMAL (31,20) NOT NULL DEFAULT 1The conversion factor. Implicit conversion rules may be derived from explicit rules by combining conversion factors. But no more than one unidirectional rule can be used to derive any particular implicit rule.
MULTIPLYORDIVIDECHAR (1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'M'To convert from FROMCURR to TOCURR: M = Multiply by FACTOR D = Divide by FACTOR For bidirectional rules, conversion from TOCURR to FROMCURR is allowed using the inverse operation.
BIDIRECTIONALCHAR (1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'N'Indicates whether the rule is bidirectional or unidirectional: Y = bidirectional. N = unidirectional.
UPDATABLECHAR (1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Y'A flag intended to be used by a user interface that manages currency conversion rules. Valid values: N = conversion rate is irrevocable - should never be changed Y = conversion rate can be changed.
OPTCOUNTERSMALLINTThe optimistic concurrency control counter for the table. Every time there is an update to the table, the counter is incremented.


NameColumn NamesType
I0000551STOREENT_IDNon-Unique Index

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