Vendor assets

A vendor represents a source for merchandise that is received at a fulfillment center, or expected to be received at a fulfillment center. Depending on the store model, vendors are defined by the Buyer, Product Manager, Seller (Merchant), or some other authorized role. By using the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, you can view a list of all vendors, create a vendor, change an existing vendor, and delete a vendor.

The vendor record includes information about the vendor, such as the name, address, and contact information. Vendors must be created before the store can create expected inventory records.

Expected inventory records are shown by vendor, External ID (typically a purchase order number), and order date on the Expected Inventory page.

The following section describes the relationships between a vendor, a store, and other assets.

Vendor overview

Represents the source from which a store receives merchandise, and can be thought of as a supplier to the store.
Replenishment advisement
Synonymous with expected inventory record.
Refer to inventory receipts. Normally, a receipt results from an expected inventory record.
Represents detailed information about items on an expected inventory record, such as the date the inventory is expected, fulfillment center ID, and quantity ordered.