Setting up the development environment for creating WebSphere Commerce services

WebSphere Commerce Developer is the development environment used for creating WebSphere Commerce services.

Before you begin

About this task

The following steps are necessary to create WebSphere Commerce services in WebSphere Commerce Developer.


  1. Start WebSphere Commerce Developer.
  2. Refresh the WC project to see the new WebSphere Commerce services code:
    1. Open the Java EE perspective.
    2. In the Enterprise Explorer view, right-click on the WC project and select Refresh.
  3. Enable the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), Web Service Developer, and XML Developer capabilities in WebSphere Commerce Developer:
    1. Select Window > Preferences.
    2. Expand General > Capabilities in the left pane.
    3. Select the required capabilities in the main pane:
      • Advanced > Development > Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
      • Web Service Developer
      • XML Developer

      Selecting the required capabilities in the main pane

    4. Click OK.

What to do next

After performing this task, you can create a WebSphere Commerce service module.