Installing the Java Emitter Template (JET) package for RAD 8.5.x

Install this package if your customization procedure uses a Java Emitter Template (JET) to generate code, for example, service modules and Java classes. JET is an Eclipse-enabled template engine for generating applications based on customizable, model-driven architecture transformations.

Note: The JET package is not included with Rational Application Developer Version 8.5.x. Therefore, you need to download the package from a repository before you can install. To download and install the Java Emitter Template (JET), complete the following procedure.


  1. Close Rational Application Developer or Rational Software Architect, whichever software that you installed for use with WebSphere Commerce.
  2. Back up the RAD85_installdir/eclipse.ini file.
    For example, copy the eclipse.ini file to a temp directory, RAD_tempdir/.
  3. Open the original RAD85_installdir/eclipse.ini file and change the following code.
    -vm jdk/jre/bin/javaw.exe
    -vm runtimes/base_v7/java/bin/javaw.exe
  4. Start WebSphere Commerce Developer.
  5. Click Help > Install New Software...
  6. In the Work with field, enter the following URL and then click Add:

  7. Enter a name for the repository and then click OK.
  8. Expand the M2T JET SDK 1.1.1 section.
  9. Select Java Emitter Templates (JET) All-In-One Feature.
  10. Click Next to install the JET feature.
  11. Close WebSphere Commerce Developer.
  12. Restore the eclipse.ini file with the file that you backed up.
    For example, copy the RAD_tempdir/eclipse.ini file back to the original location, RAD85_installdir/.