Externalizing WebSphere Commerce services

The default ports for WebSphere Commerce services in the production environment are 8007 for non-SSL and 8006 for SSL. These services use the preview virtual host. This means that by default, the services can be accessed internally, but not externally, unless these ports have been opened by the firewall.

About this task

WebSphere Commerce DeveloperNote: WebSphere Commerce Developer uses the default ports for WebSphere Commerce services, 80 for non-SSL and 443 for SSL.

However, if these servers are to be exposed externally, there are two options you can consider. The first is to open those ports externally by changing the firewall configuration (and is outside the scope of this documentation). The second option, which is described in the steps below, is to move the services to port 80 and 443. The following steps explain how to move the services to externalized ports. To move WebSphere Commerce services to ports 80 and 443:


  1. Open the WebSphere Application Server Administration Console
  2. In the options tree, select Enterprise Applications.
  3. Select the WebSphere Commerce Application
  4. Select Web Modules.
  5. For each HTTP interface web module, change the virtual host to the virtual host associated with the external ports.
    1. Select the web module.
    2. Select Virtual Hosts.
    3. Change virtual host from VH_preview_<instance name> to VH_<instance name>
    4. Click Save to save the changes.
  6. Save the new configuration
  7. Regenerate the web server plug-in.