Deprecated feature

Tag: declareRenderContext

The wcf:declareRenderContext tag adds the client-side render context support to the current page. The ID passed to this tag is used to identify the render context. If this tag is already called for this request and ID, then no further call is made.

Instead of using the wcf:declareRenderContext tag, write JavaScript code. See wc.render.declareContext (id, properties, updateContextURL).

Tag information

Tag information
Body Content empty
Display Name Declare render context
Tag filepath /META-INF/tags/wcf/DeclareRenderContext.tag



Name Required Type Description
id false String Render context ID. If the ID is not specified, the render context is declared as default by using the render context ID.
local false String Attribute must be set to true if the render context does not need to be synchronized with the server. The default is false.
url false String URL that is used to update the render context.
properties false JSP fragment JavaScript Object that contains the initial render context properties. The attribute should be specified only for a local render context.


No variables are defined for the wcf:declareRenderContext tag.


The following example declares a render context for the current page. It is initialized with a "workAreaMode" property with a value "shopcart".

 id="currentOrderTotals_Context" >
 <jsp:attribute name="properties">{workAreaMode:"shopcart"}</jsp:attribute>