wc.render.declareContext (id, properties, updateContextURL)

The wc.render.declareContext function declares a new render context and initializes it with the specified render context properties. The update context URL reports render context changes to the server. A render context is a set of client-side context information which keeps track of information about a page. The context information helps decide if changes to refresh areas are needed. Changes to the render context are communicated to the server using an AJAX-style request if an updateContextURL is provided. Once the render context updates successfully, an event is published, and any listening refresh controllers can decide to refresh their content to reflect the updated render context.


wc.render.declareContext("OrderItemPaginationDisplay_Context",{beginIndex: "0"},"");


(String) The unique ID of the new render context.
(Object) The initial render context properties.
(String) The URL that is used to notify the server of render context updates.